Planfuro Group

The Group is specialized in providing services to molds’ industry, having as main customers the best  moldmakers in Portugal and Germany.

The two companies together offer their customers the best face milling, drilling, milling and grinding services.

logoPlanfuroPME Lider 2013 2D cores

Planfuro was founded in 1999 and  it’s facilities are in  Rua da Douroana, Zona Industrial da Ponte da Pedra, 2415-187 Regueira de Pontes – Leiria


Planfuro II was founded in 2006, with the aim to complement the services provided by Planfuro.
It’s facilities are in Zona Industrial da Vieira de Leiria, Lote 6 – 2430-600 Vieira da Leiria